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Reader’s Digest enriches our reader’s lives. We deliver expertly curated content that is concise, timeless and accessible. We create content that is real, optimistic, authentic, inspiring and actionable. Reader’s Digest is a read of lasting value and importance. An oasis from snark, celebrity hype and pessimism.

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Liz Vaccariello is the editor-in-chief and chief content officer of Reader’s Digest, where she is responsible for driving editorial direction and product strategy across the brand’s media platforms. They include: Reader’s Digest with a readership of more than 20 million;, with an audience of over 5.8 million unique monthly visitors; and editions for the iPad, Kindle, Nook, Google Play and Zinio.

Editorial Pillars


From weight loss to diabetes management, we report on the most meaningful research, give helpful nutrition tips and motivate readers to stay active.


Whether it’s quick and easy family favorites or the latest superfoods and gourmet gadgets, we provide great new ideas and healthy eating tips.


Nothing’s more important than family to our readers, so we’re committed to providing the information they need to maintain a happy home—with everything from in-law advice to reality-tested parenting solutions.


In addition to cleaning solutions, gardening secrets, and
budget-friendly decorating ideas, we offer the best advice for maintaining a clutter-free home.


As a part of our mission to enrich the lives of every one of our readers, we spotlight Hometown Heroes, the ordinary people
who do extraordinary deeds.


Beloved franchises like Laughter, the Best Medicine and Life in These United States, along with jokes and funny stories, delight our readers with a fresh look at the lighter side of daily life.

Our Audience

Total Audience of ADULTS

Reader’s Digest and competitive set


 Source: MRI Fall 2014

Delivering an Untapped Audience of WOMEN

Women who don’t read any other magazine in the competitive set

Audience of Women

Source: MRI Fall 2014; Base: Women

THE BOOMER AUDIENCE A Marketer’s Most Valuable Generation

Boomers have an enormous amount of wealth and spending power…
and only 5% of advertising is actively targeting them.

1 in every 7 Boomers

are Reader’s Digest and/or
Reminisce Consumers

Faces of America


• Current Age 50-68
• An American turns 50 every 7 seconds — that’s 12,500 people every day
Boomers account for 35% of the U.S. adult population


  • Earn 47% of all incomes in the U.S.
  • Own 80% of all money in savings and Ioan associations
  • Account for 66% of all U.S. stockholders and 60% of annulty owners
  • Have a net worth 3X that of younger generations
  • Median HHI is 55% greater than post-Boomers and 61% more than pre-Boomers
  • Account for 40% of total consumer demand
  • Outspend other generations by $400 billion a year on consumer goods and services
  • Boomers outspend younger adults online 2:1 on a per capita basis


Source: MRI Spring 2014; U.S. Censur Bureau; Scarborough Research; Forrester Research; U.S. Government Consumer Expenditure Survey; Bureu of Labor Statics

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Rates and Dates

RD Full Circulation: 3,000,000

 4 ColorCPMBlack + 1 ColorCPMB&WCPM
Full Page$180,000$60.00$161,100$53.70$158,000$52.67
1/2 Page$108,200$36.07$96,700$32.23$94,900$31.63
Cover Positions:4 ColorCPM
Second Cover$225,000$75.00
Third Cover$216,000$72.00
Fourth Cover$234,100$78.03
Fourth Cover$234,100$78.03
Cover Gates -
Contact Your Account Manager

RD Half Circulation: 1,500,000

 4 ColorCPMBlack + 1 ColorCPMB&WCPM
Full Page$108,200$72.13$92,100$61.40$90,200$60.13

RD Large Print National Circulation: 300,000

 4 Color2 ColorBlack & White
Full Page$44,700$37,800$33,100
1/2 Page$29,200$24,700$23,200
Second Cover$53,700
Third Cover$51,500
Fourth Cover$58,100

Regional and Demographic options are available upon request. Contact your Account Manager for details.

RD Closing and On Sale Dates

Due Dates for Space and Order11/19/1412/18/141/23/152/20/153/20/154/17/156/19/157/24/158/21/159/23/15
Due Dates for ROB Material11/25/1412/23/141/28/152/25/153/25/154/22/156/24/157/29/158/26/159/28/15
Due Dates for Tablet Material12/16/141/16/152/26/153/26/154/17/155/19/157/17/158/19/159/18/1510/19/15
Due Dates for Space Order and Material11/18/1412/15/141/20/152/17/153/17/154/14/156/16/157/21/158/18/159/17/15
Replica Close12/15/141/12/152/13/153/16/154/13/155/11/157/13/158/17/159/14/1510/15/15
Full Leafs, Gatefolds or Detachable Booklets (4+ pages)11/19/1412/18/141/23/152/29/153/20/154/17/156/19/157/24/158/21/159/23/15
Gatefolds, Full Leafs, etc.12/8/141/05/152/09/153/09/154/06/155/04/157/06/158/10/159/07/1510/12/15
TABLET ON-SALE DATES1/07/152/04/153/11/154/08/155/06/156/10/158/05/159/09/1510/07/1511/11/15
PRINT ON-SALE DATES1/13/152/10/153/17/154/14/155/12/156/16/158/11/159/15/1510/13/1511/17/15

RD Large Print Closing and On Sale Dates

Due Dates for Space and Order12/05/141/02/152/06/153/06/154/03/155/08/157/02/158/07/159/04/1510/09/15
Due Dates for Ad File Material12/08/141/05/152/09/153/09/154/06/155/11/157/06/158/10/159/08/1510/12/15
Special Units Commitment11/03/1412/01/141/09/152/09/153/02/154/08/156/01/157/01/158/03/159/08/15
Due Dates for Space Order and Material12/01/141/02/152/09/153/09/154/01/155/08/157/01/158/03/159/01/1510/08/15
Files if RD prints11/01/141/05/152/10/153/10/154/02/155/11/157/02/158/04/159/02/1510/09/15
Supplied Printed Inserts12/17/141/14/152/18/153/18/154/20/155/20/157/15/158/19/159/16/1510/12/15
ON-SALE DATES1/20/152/17/153/24/154/21/155/19/156/23/158/18/159/22/1510/20/1511/24/15


Your Premium Digital Partner

Delivering powerful content, custom solutions and an influential audience

Food. Entertaining. Lifestyle.


34.9 Million
unique visitors monthly

Health. Family. Advice.


4.3 Million
unique visitors monthly

diy. design. inspiration.


25.9 Million
unique visitors monthly

50 Million Monthly Unique visitors    |  35.4 Million social media fans
285+ professional bloggers

Build Communities that Share

  • Premium Media Properties
  • Influetial Decision Makers
Create Content that Engages

  • Custom Creation and Curation
  • Authentic Blog Integration
Activate Audiences to Deliver Results

  • Proprietary Data and Demo Targeting
  • Programmatic Extensions


Reader’s Digest can extend your messaging with creative and strategic multi-platform solutions



Voted by America, Awarded
by Reader’s Digest!

Trust is in our DNA. Reader’s Digest is launching a nationally representative survey capturing attitudes on brand trust and credibility, recognizing the most trusted brands in 40 categories ranging from CPG to finance to automotive and more.

Opportunities for your brand include:

  • Print and Digital: Alignment with   Trusted Brands and Psychology of   Trust editorial content
  • Brand Halo: Trusted Brand winners   in the program can use the “Trusted      Brands Seal” on all communication     materials
  • Research Analysis: Valuable consumer        brand insights via white paper analysis     and customized re-contact study
  • Press and PR
  • Trusted Brands Event in NYC
  • Timing: September/October 2015



  • RDA Network Targeting: Laser-   focused data, demo and contextual       targeting reaching your most    qualified consumers in prime     endemic environments relevant    to your brand
  • Shopper Marketing: Leverage off-line     targeting information to geo-target     shoppers within a 2-3 mile radius of   retail locations to provide localized   offers to ultimately drive purchase
  • Influencer Marketing: Access to   200+ professional bloggers who can     authentically integrate your brand  within blog posts distributed to their      social communities
  • RD Connects Reader Panel: Build     awareness for your brand and gain     insights into consumer behaviors,   purchase intent, and product testing   with our panel of 13,000+ dedicated   readers
  • Hollywood 360 Radio: Reaching      almost 1 MM listeners each week   nationwide, enjoy custom ad spots   and editorial content alongside   family-friendly radio dramas, classic     TV shows, and up-to-the-minute   Hollywood news
  • Pharmacy Health Network: Placing   your brand in front of a captive   audience of 2.9MM consumers   each month



Reader’s Digest can develop eye-catching custom creative to connect your brand with our audience through:

  • Ad Campaigns
  • Advertorials
  • Onserts and Unserts
  • Cover Flaps
  • eBlasts
  • Tablet
  • High-Impact Rich Media Units
  • Mobile
  • Social
  • Radio
  • Native Opportunities

Ad Specifications

RD  Print Specifications

All files must be supplied as PDF/X-1a (
You must include trim box data when creating layout document. It’s your responsibility to download and review the preflight report and approve your uploaded file.


Ad SizeBleedTrimLive
Full Page5.437" x 7.5 "5.187" x 7.25"4.687" x 6.75"
1/2 Horizontal5.437" x 3.75 "5.187" x 3.5"4.687" x 3"
1/2 Vertical2.687" x 7.5"2.437" x 7.25"$96,700
Spread10.625" x 7.5"10.375" x 7.25"9.375" x 6.75"
1/2 Horizontal Spread10.625" x 3.75"10.375" x 3.5"9.375" x 3"

RD Large Print  Print Specifications


We cannot guarantee perfect alignment of type or image across gutter on a spread ad.

Production Contact

For more information, production questions:
Leslie KoganSenior Production Manager

Reader’s Digest Association 750 Third Avenue, 3rd FloorNew York, NY 10017

Ad SizeBleedTrimLive
Full Page7.75" x 10.75"7.5" x 10.75"7" x 10"
1/2 Horizontal7.75" x 5.375 "7.5" x 5.125 "7" x 4.625"
1/2 Vertical3.875" x 10.75"3.625" x 10.5"3.125" x 10"
Spread15.25" x 10.75"15" x 10.5"14.5" x 10"

Digital File Requirements

  • Required file format is PDF/X-1a 2001 (vector) 300 dpi
  • All supplied PDF/X-1a files must be CMYK. No spot colors. All fonts and images     should be embedded. Do not apply style attributes to basic fonts
  • For instructions on how to create a PDF/X-1a file go to https://readersdi- – under HOME, select DASHBOARD than select VIEW FAQs
  • Readers Digest utilizes virtual proofing technology. A hard copy proof  is not required. If you opt to use a SWOP proof for your internal color  approval render at 100% of size

Ad Portal Information


- Create an account or log in if an account is already established
– Select “Send Files”
– Select publication (i.e. Reader’s Digest)
– Select issue date (i.e. February/March 2015)
– Do not use dashes, underscores or apostrophes when typing the name of your ad

RD Tablet Specifications


Because the dimensions of the tablet are proportionally similar to those of the print edition, it can be relatively easy to resize the native layout files you use to create print ads. If you choose to do this, please bear in mind that all of the images placed in these files must be of a sufficiently high resolution to remain at 300 dpi when enlarged. For example, a TIFF file placed in the print layout must retain a 300 dpi resolution after the layout is enlarged for the tablet version of your ad. Also, you must proof your ad on screen with the RGB color space applied prior to submitting to ensure that any shift in color is acceptable.

Static Ads

A static Tablet advertisement requires a single file, created with the following specifications:

iPAD (Hi Def) Page Dimensions (Trim Size): 1536 pixels (w) x 2048 pixels (h), vertical orientation only

KINDLE FIRE Page Dimensions (Trim Size): 600 pixels (w) x 1024 pixels (h), vertical orientation only

KINDLE FIRE (HD 8.9”) Page Dimensions (Trim Size): 1200 pixels (w) x 1920 pixels (h), vertical orientation only

File Resolution: 300 ppi (264 minimum)

File Format: PDF without transparency, all fonts embedded. The PDF/X-1a specification can be used      with modification for RGB color space (see below)

Color Space: RGB
Bleed: None

Suggested Margin   (for optimum display of ad content):
iPad: 36 pixels  Kindle Fire: 20 pixels

Meta Data

In addition to the advertisement, information about the ad can be displayed in the tablet table of contents.

  • Title of Ad (required): Maximum 65 characters
  • Description of Ad (optional): Maximum 120 characters

Please include your metadata in the Notes section when uploading your static ad to the Portal, or in the bundle when emailing interactive ads.
You can also email metadata to

Interactive Specifications

All interactive ads need to be built with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, which requires InDesign CS5 or higher.

  • Important: DPS release (version number) – check with     your sales rep for latest release number
  • Orientation must be vertical only – 768 pixels (w) x 1024      pixels (h) for iPad, 1536 pixels (w) x 2048 pixels (h) for      iPad (Hi Def), 600 pixels (w) x 1024 pixels (h) for Kindle   Fire, 800 pixels (w) x 1280 pixels (h) for Kindle Fire (HD),  1200 x 1920 Fire HD 8.9
  • Final delivery must be “bundled” folio file inclusive of client’s metadata
  • Additional information on how to create and submit   ads with interactive elements is available upon request
  • Share iPad .folio files through Folio Producer to
  • Share Kindle .folio files through Folio Producer   to

Submission Information


• Upload a zipped file of PDFs to Enhanced for Tablet
• Upload a zipped file of JPGs to Designed for Tablet